Easy Two Ingredient Crockpot Meatball Marinara

<a href="https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/18962751/?claim=msfhut9uxsp">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I feel I would be doing the world a disservice if I didn't share this recipe. It is the easiest and one of the best crock pot meals I have done to date. (and I have done a lot) Also, if you make your own meatballs it is totally … Continue reading Easy Two Ingredient Crockpot Meatball Marinara

5 Tips For A Stressful Day

Listen to your favourite song. Music can have an excellent effect on stress levels. Get Moving. Powering through a work out increases your health and your confidence. I have also noticed that going on a hike really reduces my stress. Vent to someone who is going through something similar. Sometimes it is just good to … Continue reading 5 Tips For A Stressful Day

We Weren’t Created to Be ‘One Size Fits All’

The Problem Do you even eat?  Men like a woman with meat on her bones. Real women have curves. You have it so easy. Oh and my personal favourite, go eat a hamburger. I've heard these things countless times in my life. I usually just laugh it off and move on. Unfortunately, I know that it … Continue reading We Weren’t Created to Be ‘One Size Fits All’

Mother’s Day for the Childless

Mother's Day: a day of the year (in the US, the second Sunday in May) on which mothers are honored by their children Before I start this post I want to clarify that I think that all mothers should be celebrated and I think Mother's Day is beautiful day that we should celebrate. That being said … Continue reading Mother’s Day for the Childless