What I Wish I Knew the First Week Home With Our Baby

I spent nine months preparing for our little one yet when I got home I couldnt help but panic a little. This tiny little baby was so dependent on me and my husband. It was an amazing and overwhelming week. No matter how prepared I thought I was there were a couple of things I wish I knew.

-It’s okay to ask for help. We were so lucky to have family and friends that helped us so much. You just went through something life altering it is natural to need some help.

– No one told me about recovery. Everyone tells you it’s going to hurt (Obviously). Although, for some reason my brain didn’t piece together that it would hurt for some time. My best advice is to take it one day at a time and take it easy. You can’t take care of a baby if you do not take care of yourself. Speaking of recovery it’s wise to buy everything you need for recovery before you come home. I was lucky to have a mother that went to the store for me.

– Your baby will cry. No matter how hard you try to keep them content they are still trying to adjust to the outside world. As long as you are keeping them healthy- feeding, changing, burping, comforting, there really isn’t a lot more you can do. If you have any major concerns write them down and bring them to your next appointment. You do have motherly instincts use them.

– Emotions are at an all time high. Not only for you but everyone around you. Prepare for some of your happiest moments. Also, prepare for some tears and lots of them.

– Swaddling is the best thing ever. Most of my time spent in the hospital was recovery. In fact I never left my room. Therefore, I never got to see her in the nursery. The first night we were home I was truly clueless. I kept setting her in her bassinet but she wouldn’t go to sleep. My husband came in and swaddled her and she fell asleep. It’s like magic. (Swaddling does not work for every baby but it certainly works for ours)

– Take billions of pictures.

– The power of prayer is real. I started praying that I would have enough sleep to get me through the next day. The days that I pray she will sleep well she always sleeps better.

– Enjoy it as much as you can. You will be tired even sleep deprived. Just smile through the tired and love your little one.


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