This Too Shall Pass

Six weeks ago you were born. Among the advice that every new parent receives I remember many people saying when it’s hard remember this too shall pass.

Last night as I was putting you to bed I had to come to terms that your newborn onsie just was not going to fit. In fact, I probably should have retired it a few days ago. As I pulled a bigger onsie out of your dresser the words echoed in my head “this too shall pass”

One day you will be sleeping through the night. You aren’t always going to want to just be held. One day I won’t get to nurse you to sleep as your chubby little hand grasps my shirt. There will never be another first smile… Because this too shall pass.

So I am going to soak it all in even on the hard days. Even when you are screaming and I don’t know why. Because one day this too shall pass and you won’t need me as you do now. I’m going to stare at you longer, snuggle you harder, and love you because this too shall pass.


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