Stop Wishing Your Life Away

When I was in Middle School all I wished was that I could be in High School and have my license. I remember being 17 and just wishing I was an adult. Then all I wanted was to get married. Once I was married I couldn’t wait to buy a house. Once we got a house I wanted to start a family. When I was pregnant all I wanted was to have my little baby. Now that we have started our family I can’t wait for our baby to grow up and see the woman she will be.

While it is great to have goals and aspirations how often do we find ourselves wishing our lives away? Constantly telling ourselves that we need to have and do more. I remember praying for the things that I have now. Recently, I used social media to ask what everyone’s advice was for a new mother. The number one message I got from my messages was- enjoy every moment because time goes fast. If there is one thing I have learned in the last three weeks that our baby has been here it is that time is fleeting. Before you know it the times that you were wishing for will have come and gone. Moments will pass. I challenge you to enjoy whatever season of life you are in. Take in every moment because one day your going to miss this.



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