How To Be More Present

1.  Be intentional with your time. Spend your time on things that will matter to you 50 years from now.

2. Give your family daily one-on-one time. Time where you can be mentally and physically present.

3. Take care of yourself. We all need a little me time. In order to be more present we need to be able to take time for ourselves so we can spend time on others.

4. Resist the urge to record everything. This is something that I have had to work on. We live in an age where if it isn’t on camera it didn’t happen. The problem with this is by recording every single moment of every day we remove ourselves. Instead of being present, we are already thinking about who else we are going to share this moment with.

5. Give technology a break. Do you want to be the person that people remember being on their phone or computer 24/7?  When you’re doing a family activity make a conscious effort to put it aside. Turn it off and put it in a drawer if you have to.

6. Speaking of technology turn of the notifications on your phone. I used to have notifications turned on for all of my apps. Years ago I turned off my notifications and it makes a world of difference. The only time something pops up on my screen is if I get a text or a phone call.

7.  Forget and remember your to do list. Spend your time doing things that make you happy but don’t let your life become a mess because you put off your responsibilities. Prioritise.


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