What Is Your Time Really Worth?

My love language is quality time. Out of everything in this world I believe the most valuable thing we have is time. Everything that we do requires time. Whether it be sleeping, eating, working, etc. the clock is always ticking. It can become overwhelming to look at the long list of things that we need to do. The solution to being overwhelmed is to realize we simply cannot do everything. That means we need to take a good look at our life and decide what is important.

Whatever you do today will directly impact your future. Big or small whatever you do with your time matters. I’ve been working on being more intentional with my time. (it is a work in progress) For example, I’ve started trying to replace meaningless activities such as binge watching Netflix with more meaningful activities like spending time with my family playing tennis.  The wonderful thing about time is we get to choose how to spend it. Some people may think that binge watching Netflix is a great way to spend their time and Tennis is a horrible waste. The point is do not waste your time on things that are not important to you.

In my eyes the best way to measure someones love for you is to determine how much time they spend with you. The ultimate way to see what is important to someone is by realizing what they spend most of their time doing. We are only given one life don’t waste it. 🙂


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