The Songs I Cannot Sing

At the beginning of the month the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had their General Conference where various church leaders speak on spiritual topics. I think we can all agree that Elder Holland is the master commander when it comes to conference talks. Don’t get me wrong they are all very wonderful but he has always seemed to speak to my soul. On the Saturday session he gave a talk titled “Songs Unsung and Sung”.

He starts by saying

“today I wish to lift out of context just one line from it that may help on days when we find it hard to sing or smile and “peaceful happy moments” do not seem to “roll.” If for a time you are unable to echo the joyous melodies you hear coming from others, I ask you to hold tenaciously to the line in this hymn that reassures, “Jesus listening can hear the songs [you] cannot sing.”2

In this he is referring to a song titled “There is Sunshine in My Soul Today” Music is a big thing for me. I have been singing and playing the piano since I was a small bean. Since it is so important it can bring out many emotions when I am participating in a musical number. When he says “Jesus listening can hear the songs you cannot sing” I took it literally and figuratively.

There have been moments in Sacrament where I have had to stop singing in order to cry. When the words to a song hit me in such a way that I literally can not sing anymore. There have also been moments when my spiritual voice can not sing. When I am so beaten down from this “fallen world” that it is hard to keep going. The last couple of weeks every time I have felt like I come up short or life is getting hard I repeat in my mind “Jesus listening can hear the songs you cannot sing.” He knows what you are going through because he has suffered through it himself.

He also gave wonderful reminders that sometimes we have to wait patiently for that which is not seen and depend on others to help you get through it. Also, some ‘songs’ are easier for others. We are all going through different things in our lives. I had an opportunity to have a couple of people open up to me about the different trials they are facing. If they had not told me, I would have had NO idea that they were facing that trial. If there are songs that you cannot sing please don’t go through it alone. There are others that can help and might be going through the same thing.

There are songs that I cannot sing. It is hard to watch my friends and family grow their families so easily while it has not been easy to grow mine and because of it there are songs I cannot sing and have not sung. There are things I cannot do and situations I do not want to be in but even though it is hard “Jesus listening can hear the songs I cannont sing.” I have been able to draw strength from people going through trials similar to mine.

Everyone has different trials. Non of us are perfect. Going through our trials we may make mistakes but there is room for everyone in the spiritual choir.

“Brothers and sisters, we live in a mortal world with many songs we cannot or do not yet sing. But I plead with each one of us to stay permanently and faithfully in the choir, where we will be able to savor forever that most precious anthem of all—“the song of redeeming love.”11 Fortunately, the seats for this particular number are limitless. There is room for those who speak different languages, celebrate diverse cultures, and live in a host of locations. There is room for the single, for the married, for large families, and for the childless. There is room for those who once had questions regarding their faith and room for those who still do. There is room for those with differing sexual attractions. In short, there is a place for everyone who loves God and honors His commandments as the inviolable measuring rod for personal behavior, for if love of God is the melody of our shared song, surely our common quest to obey Him is the indispensable harmony in it.”


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