When You Don’t Get The Answer You Want

I sat there and asked God to give me the part I wanted in the upcoming musical. “If you give me this I will give you anything” I waited, impatiently, for the call in my hotel room. The phone rang and my friend told me she was going to look at the cast list. I felt like everything in my life had lead up to this moment. I could hear the commotion of a group of excited teenagers congratulating each other in the background and then everything went silent. I didn’t get the part. My heart sank. My mind immediately went to the why and what if’s. How was I going to tell my family? How was I going to face my friends? What could I have done better? Why didn’t God answer my prayer?

I still have people to this day comment on how they wish I would have gotten the part. People I don’t even know. I’ve had people tell me several different reasons why I didn’t get the part. All of which, were completely out of my control. I could dwell on it and continue to wonder why it didn’t work out but I don’t. I know why, it was not a part of God’s plan.

“When one door closes, another opens”

No matter how much it hurt at the time I am overjoyed that I did not get that part. A mere few weeks after that phone call I met the man I was going to marry. Would I have met him if I got the part? It’s possible. Although, I know that circumstances would be different and I probably wouldn’t have had the time for that commitment. My days would have been filled with classes, rehearsal, and work.

I couldn’t even imagine my life without my husband. I have found that going through life’s ups and downs are so much better with him by my side. God has a plan. Sometimes we don’t always get the answer that we are hoping for. It can even be a little confusing and painful at times but I guarantee he has sometime better in store for you.

D&C 64:32 “But all things must come to pass in their time.”


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