How I Got My Groceries From Davis Food & Drug and Didn’t Step Foot In the Store

I hate grocery shopping. Almost more than anything. When I saw that Davis Food & Drug started offering grocery pick up you could say that they got my attention. Here is how I got my groceries without even stepping foot in the store.

  1. I went on their website  and they are currently waving the convenience fee for your first order so I thought why  not? You simply go to the website which will direct you to and you make your account with your email and password.
  2. Once you log in it then shows a variety of groceries and on the left hand side is your navigation tab. Simple enough.
  3. I put in my order- and I tried to get a variety of things to test out their shopping skills. Including apples, an onion, milk etc. I also used their “I can’t find it” option. This lets you type in the item and estimated price.
  4. When you check out you enter your name, the location you are picking up your groceries from, the time, and card information.
  5. I placed my order at about 2:30 p.m. They communicated with me through text on certain questions like “if I wanted my butter salted or unsalted”
  6. I went to pick up my groceries and pulled into the little stall at the front. They have either an option to call or text them to come out.
  7. A worker came out and loaded  my groceries and even gave me a coupon. They were very professional.

As I was driving home I heard my groceries moving around in the back of my car and delighted in the fact that I did not have to load any of those in a cart and lug them around the grocery store. All in all it was a great experience and I plan on doing it again.

Update: I used my 10% coupon and tried it again. It went very smoothly. They did mix up my tortillas and got me white instead of wheat but that is a pretty simple mistake and I’m sure if given the opportunity they would have fixed it- I just didn’t have the time and really wanted to eat a burrito. They also gave me another coupon!


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