Five Ways to Get More out of General Conference

These are five ways I personally think that you can get the most out of LDS General Conference. What ways do you get the most out of General Conference? Comment or Inbox me.

  1. Pray before hand asking for answers to specific questions. “Prayer is your personal key to Heaven.” -Boyd K. Packer. Use the keys that you have been given to unlock your personal blessings from heaven. Pray for little things or big things in your life.
  2. Change out of your PJs. That’s right you heard me. I’m not saying you need to get completely dressed in your Sunday best (unless you want to). When I was little my parents always had us get dressed up for conference. (even if we were just watching from our living room couch). I believe that this helps with concentrating on the message. Instead of dozing off in your comfy pjs. In addition to this get a good nights sleep before hand so you are ready and alert to receive the messages.
  3. Celebrate Conference. Make it a big ordeal. Make games for your kids. Buy a new journal to take notes in. Make a pancake breakfast. Build a fort to watch it from. Make it special.   We are lucky enough to live in an area that we do not need to worry about power outages or how we are going to watch General Conference. Count your Blessings. This is a blessing we only get every six months. Make it special every time.
  4. Go to the temple before hand. If it is possible and accessible to you. Try and make time for the temple before hand. This will put you in a spiritual mindset to receive answers from the lord. If you are not able to attend the temple take time to find a quite place to meditate before hand.
  5. Take notes and set goals. During conference jot down the things that stood out to you. Don’t worry about getting the most popular quotes or the most interesting stories. Try and listen for the answers to the questions that you prayed about.


If you are interested in Watching Conference, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Reading the Book of Mormon:

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