Christensen Vacation 2016


St. George, Los Angeles, & San Diego

This vacation was a fun, relaxing, learning experience for us as a couple. We got to see and do so many things. We have gone on vacation before but this was the first time it was just us as a couple far far away from home. We started the trip on a Saturday. It went a little something like this and of course here is the video.



First, a few snap shots.



We drove to St. George and stayed in my grandparents little home we call it “The Happy Place”



We went to Zions National Park and enjoyed all of the beautiful scenery. We plan to go back there some day!


We drove to Los Angeles and got to the little cottage we were staying at.


We headed over to Harry Potter World where we: Enjoyed butterbeer, went on the castle ride, weaved in and out of the shops- Including but not limited to Zonks, Filtches Emporium of Confiscated Goods, and Honeydukes. We also ate at the Three Broom Sticks and it was Amazing.

Than we went to the Santa Monica beach and pier. It was beautiful. I got over a part of my fear of the Ocean. We walked the pier and watched everyone play Pokemon Go. We ate at a fun little shack. Got in a fight. I threw a water bottle at him- we laugh about it now. (Every couple fights on vacation at least once right?


The next day we checked a major thing of my bucket list- We went to the San Diego temple! I always wanted to get married in that temple but since it was like 10 hours away that was not an option. It was beautiful. We then went to the place we were staying at in San Diego. It was 90 degrees in there! We only stayed one night because we were so uncomfortable. (I finally got a refund)


We also check a major thing off Colters bucket list. We got to see pandas!  We went to the San Diego Zoo before heading back to St. George. It was awesome. We got there early and beat the crowds. Totally worth it.





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