20 Things to do in Vernal, Utah

I think it’s about time someone talked about all the fun things you can do in Vernal. I’ve compiled a list. Here are 20 things to do in Vernal, Utah and the surrounding areas.

1. Take a picture at the pink Dinosaur.

2. Visit Red Fleet Lake.

3. Visit the Uintah Recreation Center.

4. Go to the Dinosaur National Monument.

5. Drive about 30 minutes in any direction and go on a hike.

6. Visit the Vernal Temple.

7. Try a resteraunt on Main Street.

8. Run through the water fountains at Cobble Rock Park.

9. Go check out Fantasy Canyon.

10. Go camping.

11. Take a picture at the Green Dinosaur.

12. Go to the Dinosaur Musem.

13. Explore the mountains.

14. Go to the Uintah County Fair.

15. Check out our new Conference Center.

16. Go to a Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus Concert.

17. Go shopping at the Towne Center.

18. Go river rafting.

19. Visit Flaming Gorge.

20. Have a picnic at Remember the Main.


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