DIY Giant Clock Made from Coffee Table 

If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. If I can do it.. Trust me.. You can do it. This whole entire project cost me $50is dollars. The finished product would cost you hundreds at a department store.

What you will need:

1 old coffee table $15

1 clock movement/ hands $30 (most expensive part of project purchases on Amazon)

1 can of chalk paint (any color) $5

1 sander

1 power drill

4 printed out Roman numerals

How to:

1. Disassemble coffee table

2. Paint table top with chalk paint

3. Depending on what clock movement/hands you purchase you will need to get a specific drill bit in my case I believe it was a 3/32

4. Drill the hole

5. I had to sand the back of the table top in order for the clock movement to connect the hands.

6. Assemble the clock movement

7. Print off Roman numerals

8. Cut out Roman numerals

9. Stencal on Roman numerals

10. Hang your awesome clock.



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