Fun & Cheap Dates

Colter and I have been going through college ever since our first year anniversary. School can be super expensive and sometimes its hard to find money to spend on your relationship. For the years we have been married we have been on a ton of dates! I think still dating your husband/wife is an important part of a marriage. Here are some of our favorite fun & cheap dates.

  1. Movie Night- Go to your local library and get a couple of movies. Cozy up, pop some pop corn, and enjoy. The best part of this date is it is completely free. Well, I guess except for the popcorn.
  2. Play a Board Game- I always thought that board games were.. well.. boring. Recently, Colter and I finally decided to play one of the board games we got from our wedding. It was a blast! It didn’t cost a cent.
  3. Make a Meal- Sooner or later you have to eat. Making a meal together is cheaper than going out to eat. It also doesn’t hurt to have a partner help you do all the dishes. 😉
  4. Go for a Walk- You can walk with just the two of you, with your dogs, three blocks, twenty blocks, whatever makes you happy. Walking together not only gives you exercise but it provides a great time to talk to one another.

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