How to Make Your Own Canvas (SUPER EASY & CHEAP)

Recently I shared a picture of a canvas that I had crafted myself and many people were asking how I did it. So I am going to give some step by step instructions on how to make it. If the title didn’t already give it away this is super easy. Also, the title mentions this is super cheap. I spent around $20.00 for a 24×30 canvas. (That included reusable supplies) So Yes!! this is way cheap! Although, I am inclined to give you a  photographer tip: These canvases are not of high quality. Yes, they do look great. Yes, they are cheap. Although, they will never be close the the quality of a professionally printed canvas. Simple as that. This is a do it yourself cheap nice looking canvas.

1. Buy a blank canvas. You can find these at Walmart, Joanns, TJ Max, etc. (I would recommend getting a size that is also a common printing size.)

2. Buy some mod podge and black acrylic paint (black paint is optional see 4). This can be found at any craft store.

3. Print off whatever picture you want to display on your wall. Photographer Tip: Drug store prints are not high quality. Often times they even color correct photographs which means your photo will be a slightly different tint. I recommend shutterfly. (Printing the photo professionally might make the cost go up slightly but it will improve the quality of your canvas)

4. Now we get to the fun part. Start by applying mod podge to your blank canvas. Next, gently place the photo on the canvas (before the mod podge dries because it is your adhesive). After that, apply mod podge over the top of the photo. You may do this horizontally, vertically, both horizontally and vertically. You can pretty much do whatever you want to make it the texture you want. Let it dry. Next,  If you want black edges on the canvas you may paint the edges black. I did this to my canvas which you can see pictured below.

So there you have it a super easy and cheap canvas.



2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Canvas (SUPER EASY & CHEAP)

    1. Smitha I used lightroom and used the watermark tool to overlay the words onto the picture. I might do a tutorial of that later on so stay tuned!


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