Our Engagement Story

Our Engagement Story

We had planned to go to Salt Lake with my good friend one weekend. We got up really early, because if anyone knows me if I’m going out of town I want a full day to have fun. When we got to Heber (Which is about two hours from Vernal) I realized I had forgotten my camera that he had asked me to bring. (He was planning on having my friend photograph the proposal.) So that was the first indication that the day was not going to go as planned. Luckily, my friend had brought her point and shoot camera which she used to video the engagement.

We got to Salt Lake a little earlier than expected (Around 8:30). We decided to wonder around the mall for a couple of minutes, even though all the stores were closed. After that we were going to go look at rings “for fun.” We didn’t have very many options for jewellery shops where we lived so he was planning on buying the ring that day. As we got out to the car we realized that the keys had been locked in the car. We thought the day was ruined. If we had to call a lock smith we were going to have to go straight home because lock smiths are expensive. Instead we tried to take matters into our own hands. I still don’t know how we did this but we somehow attached my hair tie to his belt and shimmied it in the door and unlocked it. It was a mini miracle.

We went to the ring store and we were looking around and I found one that I really liked. So, naturally he asks my friend to go distract me with some shopping. While we were shopping his day was just getting worse. He learned that since my fingers are so small he was going to have to special order the ring. So, it wasn’t going to be there for a couple of weeks. Defeated he arrives at the mall and he asks if he can talk to my friend. I imagine the conversation going something like. Him: “I don’t have a ring.” And my friends like “Dude chill I got this. Hey Trina I need to go look at earrings for my mission” I think we went to Clair’s. She was looking at earrings and found this big tub of random rings and said “Trina how do you like these?” sarcastically I say “yeah totally” and I try one on and it fits perfectly. I laugh and throw it back into the pile and walk off. As soon as I dropped it in he looked at my friend and said “get that ring.” She sifts through and found it.  Now he needed to pay for it without me seeing. Of course my friend steps in and says Trina I need to go to the bathroom. We head that way and she asked me to come with her to the bathroom. They were acting pretty fishy so I wanted to test the waters so I said “no.”  She seemed pretty insistent so I complied. Of course, she takes an unusually long time in the bathroom and we get out and meet back up with him. By then we were all starving so we got some lunch at the mall (Where he sneakily put several fortune cookies in his bag)

After that we went to the Zoo. I love the Zoo. It was really hot outside. And we had a blast! After the Zoo we went to Olive Garden and had the nicest waiter, ever. (seriously he was unusually nice) Sometimes I wonder if he was an angel placed there to give my husband a pick me up after such a crazy day. The plan was to go to temple square after dinner. I was getting slightly suspicious. In fact, I was pretty sure I knew what was happening. To confirm my suspicions I told him we should go home and call it a day. To which he replied a definite no and my suspicions were confirmed. I was getting engaged.

He didn’t want to propose in front of a large amount of people out of fear that they would ask to see the ring. We meandered over to this bench surrounded by beautiful trees. He said “let’s open our fortune cookies.” His plan was ‘dropping the fortune cookie’ and getting on one knee but out of nervousness he threw it and I questioned “what are you doing?” and he said “Just open your fortune cookie” I did and the ring from Clair’s was in there and the events of the day flashed through my head and I realized what had happened. I felt slightly bad for giving them both such a hard time. He said a lot of really nice and sweet things and asked me to marry him and I obviously said yes! About halfway through his proposal I remember hearing this lady say “look he is proposing!” and of course “she wanted to see the ring.” I wore that ring proudly until the other one got to us and I still have it to this day.

We started heading out to the car and as luck would have it he got a ticket. He shaked it off because we were engaged. At this point he was sure nothing else could go wrong. We started driving home and on a big hill coming down through Park City his car started making really bad noises we made it to Heber and it dies. We creeped down the hill and pulled into a gas station. My friend and I went on a walk while he tried to figure out what was wrong with the car. While we were gone an old man talked him and put everything in perspective. I’m sure he was very frustrated at this point so I can’t help but think the old man was another angel.

He came to the conclusion that the car was not getting home. We parked it at Smiths and waited for my parents. Moral of the story: if you are planning on getting married in temple don’t make your engagement a whole day thing because Satan will try really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Just kidding. But really. He could have just called it quits so many times that day. He had every opportunity to say okay this is just not meant to happen but he kept trying and because he did we were able to get married. I have the opportunity to be with this guy for all eternity because he didn’t give up. I knew that day that if we could get through that we could get through anything.  I wanted to share our engagement story to let other people know that not everything will go as you planned it but God has a plan. While his plan may not always be what you want it to be there is a purpose. If you trust God everything will be okay.


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